Special Inspection

The ICC Ventura Chapter Region - Special Inspection Committee began crafting the Chapters Model Special Inspection Program on April 11, 2011. After the two year effort of the committee, the program was completed, ratified by the Chapter, and launched universally by the Jurisdictions in the area in May of 2013.

The goal of the Program is first, and foremost, intended to create a “one-stop” point of registration for special inspectors working in the Region. Via a simple register shared by all participating building departments in the Region, once a special inspector is registered and included within the list, he or she should be able to work in any jurisdiction in the Region. In addition, the Program offers helpful explanatory information by way of forms and guidelines for special inspectors, design license professionals and building and safety departments. 

The goal of the Special Inspection Program is to be a simple program that will enable a building official flexibility in their decision making capabilities. The program, for the most part, is mostly useful information to be made available via websites. A building official may choose to either to adopt the program by policy and procedure in whole or in part. In example: recognizing a special inspector who is not part of the common registry, or perhaps by modifying or deleting one of the many other Sections of the program. Please note, interested persons seeking information regarding Jurisdictions Special Inspection requirements are encouraged to communicate directly with that Jurisdiction.